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Veterinary Technician

Mandy was born in Tucson.  When she was seven or eight, she and her family moved to Mississippi and then to Tennessee.  When she was ten, they moved to San Diego where she spent the rest of her childhood.  In 2009, Mandy moved back to Green Valley, Arizona to get a new start on life.  

In her spare time, Mandy enjoys activities such as yoga, billiards, target practice, and spending time outdoors off-roading with friends.

Mandy grew up around animals. As an adult, she has surrounded herself with multiple animals, mostly cats and dogs.  She currently has three cats and a Black Labrador named Max.

Mandy has always loved animals and considers herself lucky to work in the veterinary field. Mandy started at Duval Animal Hospital in February 2009 as an assistant with only the experience of caring for her own animals. In 2012, she was promoted to Head Assistant. She works with a great team caring for animals everyday.  Its not all about puppies and kittens, but it is an excellent perk of the job.

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